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For the Teacher

Teacher’s i-solutions

Fully interactive Teacher’s i-book organised into step-by-step lesson plans in the form of Learning paths.

  • Multi-device online and offline

Test Generator

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An interactive tool to edit and create your own personalised worksheets from the Teacher's Resources.

  • Multi-device online


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A wide range of videos: Vlogs, Culture videos and Grammar animations.

  • Multi-device online

Teacher's Audio

Teacher's Resources

For the Student

Student’s i-book

Digital Student’s Book to access the course material at home.

  • Student’s i-tools to personalise the book.
  • Video material
  • Audio material
  • Multi-device online

Student’s Interactive Practice

Additional interactive practice to consolidate the course content. The activities are contextualised in real-world situations. It includes learning progress. It is ideal for Fast Finishers or for homework.

  • Multi-device online


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  • Vlogs
  • Grammar animations
  • Culture videos
  • Multi-device online

Workbook Audio

Also available to purchase on

The fully interactive, digital version of the Student’s Book and Workbook provides a complete tracking of the students’ progress.

  • Multi-device online and offline


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Free app compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.